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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Yes, reports of Simon's demise were indeed premature, as he has now been picked up by two (arguably) bigger outlets. He will now have a monthly column in the uber-rightist Weekly Standard and a weekly on!

(See you in the blogosphere, Herr S. Playgoer welcomes the competition...)

It should be no surprise that he has found a home in two essentially Republican organizations, not only reflecting his obvious sympathies, but, more importantly, those of his most (and last) devoted readers. has the story. (So did the Times). Interesting tidbit from the Playbill overview is that Simon

also reviewed for New York's Channel 13, but was forced out in 1967 because the station considered his notices misanthropic.
Ah, the days when misanthropy got one kicked off the air...

The biggest story might here, though, might well be..... Bloomberg??? Right now the site features precious little arts of any kind. (There's a link to something called Culture under News & Commentary, but it seems like just listings for artsy jetsetters going to Zurich.) Is this business-media conglomerate taking a cue from its eponymous founder-mayor's "enlightened" arts-friendly Republicanism? Or are the arts hot!


Playgoer said...

Thanks for reading. Please keep checking in!

Jason Grote said...

Well, let's hope this whole "John-Simon-living" thing is over soon.

Great blog, by the way -- I added an RSS feed of it to my Newsgator thingy.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more wrong. I never vote Republican. I treasure John Simon's reviews, which have led me to fabulous theatrical experiences. I am sorry he is going to the Weekly Standard, but I am happy that I will be able to read him at Bloomberg.