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Saturday, June 04, 2005

for the Prediction-hungry...

While Playgoer has opted out of the Tony Prediction game, I definitely recommend this thoughtful summary by my friend and colleague the estimable Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, who edits the Best Plays series, among other posts. Since it's from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for which he's a national theatre correspondent, it aims at a non-NYC audience, so I especially recommend the article to anyone still catching up on all the B'way politics this year.

(See, Playgoer can go nationwide and does know links other than

I will say I think Jeffrey underestimates the Spelling Bee appeal, even though it still won't beat Spamalot . (Oops, that sounded like a prediction, didn't it.) And I don't see Bill Irwin winning. (oops again) I am glad, though, Jeffrey makes me question my earlier dismissal of Mario Cantone. But still I ask-- a special theatrical event???

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