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Monday, June 13, 2005

Recommended Theatre Blogs

No, Playgoer is not alone in the Theatre Blogosphere. But as still something of a Blog neophyte, I am only still discovering who my colleagues are in this niche.

The granddaddy so far would appear to be Terry Teachout, who I find very interesting for, among other reasons, there just isn't a lot of conservative theatre criticism out there. Teachout also is expert in dance, classical music, and jazz, so the site is an elitist's cornucopia! (I don't shy away from elitist myself, and I assume he doesn't.)

Teachout is hosted, by the way, by ArtsJournal, which I'm embarrassed to report I've only just stumbled upon. But it's probably the best arts site I've seen yet--at least for commentary. They also have nifty headline links of the day, including a page of them for theatre, so I hereby am adding it to Playgoer's daily "must-reads," clickable here to the right.

I'm also glad to discover fellow blogspotter, LA-based Steven Oxman and his Theatre Matters, a "national perspective"--which I will be consulting to break out of my NYC myopia.

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