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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stupid Musical Ideas reconsidered?

Some readers apparently took offense to my previous post (see below, "They conspire, they strangle, they sing!") expressing some dread at the prospect of Thrill Me, the new Leopold & Loeb musical. (No, they are not a songwriting team.)

Well, as promised, in the spirit of fairness, I am following up to report that no less than the New York Times has now weighed in and said... not bad! Am I convinced? Not yet. But here's the link to Neil Genzlinger's review. A sample: "Who would have thought that having characters sing the text of a ransom note could be compelling rather than comedic?" Hmm, somehow I'm still wary. But, hey, go see for yourselves, dear readers. Maybe I will, too.

ADDENDUM (6/2): Ah, not so fast Thrill Me fans... The great Feingold has weighed in, too, and guess what? He agrees with yours truly that "There's almost nothing in this story that anybody could want to sing about." Yet, in his typical fairness toward talent, he can still appreciate the gifts of the show's creator Stephen Dolginoff.

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