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Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Arts & Leisure" watch

Yes, today the New York Times "Arts & Leisure" section--for years the last refuge of those who cling to culture in this crass, unfeeling world--has a piece promoting a porn film. No judgement. Just let it be noted this is how they're using the very valuable print real estate that is their "arts" coverage.

In other news, let me give due credit to a good Margo Jefferson article, on LA Theatre. This may be what Jefferson does best--advocacy journalism, rather than aesthetic criticism. Her story of the Taper's abandonment of developing minority work is distressing on many levels, including the implications for the future of new plays in general.
(For more context on this problem, check out this on the National Black Theatre Festival, in case you missed Saturday's paper.)

Don't waste your time with the "Omigod, there are naked people on stage" article. Once again, this is something out of 1975 here. New York Behind-the-Times, indeed.
Update 8/10: Ah, now we see the reason for this piece. An excuse for another colorful "slide-show" on the Times theatre website. (Sorry, I refuse to link) Yes, they are shocked, shocked there is nudity going on on stage...

And for Orson's Shadow fans, a new actor joins the cast, apparently casting an even bigger shadow.

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Anonymous said...

I can't join you in praising Margo's mid-90s style piece bemoaning the lack of writers of color in the theatre. The fact is, labs like those at the Taper were not bringing good work to the fore.