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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Defending Will

The Shakespeare Authorship debate rages on over at Spearbearer Down Left, with the blogger's answer to my comments there, and my own subsequent rant. (Which I'll spare Playgoer readers more of, but if you're a junkie on the issue, please do follow the link.) Blogger Parabasis (his own blog is here) gets in on the act, too, joining my side of the fray.

Incidentally I have emailed the "Public Editor," Byron Calame, over at the Times about the whole Niederkorn issue (drawing attention especially to Ron Rosenbaum's attack in the New York Oberserver), hoping he'll take an interest. He is supposed to be the watchman over there at the Times and keep of journalistic integrity. If he could get the paper to actually print a semi-retraction on the Geraldo story, he can do anything! Let's see if he takes up the cause of integrity in cultural journalism.

(If you feel strongly about this, too, please pile it on and write Calame yourself at The more folks he hears this from, maybe he won't consider it just a fringe issue.)

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