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Friday, September 09, 2005

Quote of the Day

In a random Google search, I came across an old posting from Dean of Theatre Bloggers, Terry Teachout.

...arts blogging is a phenomenon waiting to happen, in much the same way that political blogging gradually built up to a critical mass, then suddenly mushroomed in the wake of 9/11. The difference, of course, is that arts bloggers can’t count on a cataclysmic event to stimulate interest in what we’re doing. We’ll have to publicize ourselves, not only by linking to one another (though that’s important) but also by reaching out to potential readers who don’t yet know what a blog is. That’s why I always include the URL in the shirttails to the pieces I write for the print media. That’s why I remind you each morning to tell someone you know about this site. People who come here will go elsewhere, too.

I believe that serious arts journalism in America is destined to migrate to the Web. If you’re reading these words, you’re part of that migration. Don’t keep it to yourself.
From two years ago (8/29/03). Amen brother...


Anonymous said...

That right-wing nutcase Terry Teachout!

Playgoer said...

Oh, give him a break... Conservative? Apparently. But "nutcase"? I do fear (fantasize?) he is constrained by his WSJ editors, and is forced to suffer quietly under their censorious eye. But who knows. Look to the writing, I say, which is farily open minded and allowed praise for much that would seem liberal (socially liberal) at least. Probably best describes as a "cultural conservative"... But, hey, let's log onto "About Last Night" and ask him!