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Friday, October 14, 2005

more Pinter round-up

The accolades and other interesting links keep surfacing. First, here's a delightful first-person account from Pinter himself, showing both a touching humility, as well the good ol' vitriol. He also accounts for the gash on his head!

Then, if it's econiums you want you can do no better than Guardian critic and Pinter- courtier Michael Billington and that other British political (or formerly political) playwright David Hare.

On the other front, alicublog surveys a dense variety of responses from all over the political/cultural map. (Hat tip, Terry Teachout)

Thanks to colleague Norm F. and frequent across-the-pond commenter WebLoge for some of these links. Webloged wondered yesterday, "Interesting that you seem to be much more excited about this in NY than we are over here." Still true? Or are Londoners just tired of the old man's ranting omnipresence by now?

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