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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, 'tis true, Playgoer has already been on something of a hiatus this past week (as some have duly noted!). Academic duties have called, and even when I don't pick up they call again. And now some holiday down time is also required. But please do tune back in on December 1 for a resurgence in posting.

Meanwhile, some reading material...

- First, please check out, to your right, Playgoer's new, improved, and long-overdue Blogroll! (See between Theatre Must-Reads and Reviews.) Finally I have put together a list of other theatre/arts bloggers I am indebted to and genuinely enjoy visiting on a near-daily basis. (Hopefully they will be not be taking Thanksgving off!)

- A sobering report on the NY Cultural Affairs office's hearings on non-profit theatre.

- Jason Zinoman's Sunday profile of The Builders Association (see photo above) is a great introduction to the hyper growth of multi-media performance recently.

- The Great Feingold's review of the big revival of Albee's Seascape is probably the best place to start with that.

- For sheer time wasting, there's always plenty of dish at the All That Chat boards.

- And, finally, for the obligatory wacky news item, here's a man who claims to be in possession of fragments of Beethoven's skull.

Safe eating, all....

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