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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tomlinson acted "Illegally" at CPB

Yes, the Inspector General has spoken. "Scathing!" says the Times.

Money quote:

...the report said that in the process, Mr. Tomlinson repeatedly crossed statutory boundaries that set up the corporation as a "heat shield" to protect public radio and television from political interference.
The report said he violated federal law by being heavily involved in getting more than $4 million for a program featuring the conservative editorial writers of the Wall Street Journal. It said he imposed a "political test" to recruit a new president. And it said his decision to hire Republican consultants to defeat legislation violated contracting rules.

The full report is here. Hopefully this will subside for a while the GOP's plans for takeover or demolition of PBS.

1 comment:

Orewan said...

On NOW, any appearance by "moderately offensive" liberals such as James Carville were to be balanced with two appearances by "polite conservatives" like Tucker Carlson. Howard Dean warranted three Tom Delay appearances and John Kerry was equal in weight to two Dick Cheneys, an Ann Coulter, and former Christian Coalition president Ralph Reed. Its a simple matter of balance and fairness.