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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Bounce" Back

Sondheim lives! His latest project, the ill-fated stillborn "Bounce" (formerly "Gold!", formerly "Wise Guys") is getting a reading at the Public, with Bernadette Peters, no less. Apparently, Mr. Eustis at the Public is seriously considering giving the long-awaited NY premiere of this long-awaited piece by a genius who can no longer get his new work produced.

Sondheim at the mercy of the non-profits? Actually, that's been true ever since Playwright Horizons developed "Sunday in the Park" (and the original "Assassins"). That was back in his first slump (or his second?) before "Into The Woods" made him commercially viable. No doubt, the Public will be accused of selling out, especially if the show gets panned again. But I see it as not a bad thing for our major artists to have a home when abandoned by the commercial realm.

The "Broadway Baby" is no more?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, God forbid Sondheim not get a SECOND production of a musical no one liked, after all, he's just had three major Broadway revivals in the past few years, and a retrospective of his work at the Kennedy Center, and an acclaimed revival of Sunday in the Park with George in London headed for the west end... this poor genius who has been abandoned by the commercial sector -- EXCUSE me?

Playgoer said...

Okay, I'm a softee for Sondheim.
True, he doesn't need it for his career. But I do think the American Thearte benefits from the support of its best artists, no matter how famous.
You'll also probably be glad to know the Public seems to be going ahead with "Stuff Happens"!
Hey, take it up with Mr Eustis, not me...