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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Marowitz & Director Copyright

In case you missed it Sunday, Arts & Leisure published one letter in response to last week's big "director copyright" article. It was by Charles Marowitz--director, author, and 60s classical-experimentalist. I had the pleasure of meeting Marowitz at the Stanislavski conference I just attended in Toronto a few weeks ago, where he spoke on the subject of his new book, Michael Chekhov--nephew to the Chekhov and a great actor and important acting teacher in his own right. I look forward to reading how this insanely inventive rebel actor from the Moscow Art Theatre forged a whole new approach to acting training only to end up playing bit wacky-old-man parts in Hollywood (most notably, Hitchcock's "Spellbound".)

Marowitz has also joined the blogosphere, at the site, where you can read theatre and movie essays, as well as this illuminating recollection of his years working with Peter Brook.

(On the link to the A&L letters page, by the way, do scroll down to read the responses to an embarrassingly clueless Times piece on the creepy cult of these "What the Bleep" films. Yet again, proof the Times arts section has given up journalism in favor of glossy practically unedited press releases.)

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