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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Recommended reading

Off to San Francisco for academic business and (hopefully) theatregoing. So probably light blogging till Tuesday.

Meanwhile, two articles I recommend from across the pond:

- Ever wonder what happened to prompters? London Times went in search of the increasingly extinct species. Interesting questions this, er... prompts. Are actors just better now at learning lines? Does naturalistic mumbling help cover better? Or how about this theory from a one quoted professor: "Plays aren’t so much about words any more."

- Also, playwright Mark Ravenhill's amusingly mean take on the international theatre circuit. His dig at Peter Brook is especially funny. And I say that as a fan. Of Brook, that is, not Ravenhill, whose plays I don't know.


Larissa said...

What will you be doing in San Francisco? I'm from there and just got back from a visit. There's a pretty good Master Builder in Berkeley and Night of the Iguana at Actors Theatre of San Francsco with some excellent actors in it.

Playgoer said...

Thanks Larissa, for the tip. Turns out everyone in SF was talking about that show! But I just couldn't fit it in at the end. And I'm regretting it more every day. How often does one get to see good production of Master Builder?