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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pinter & Co. II

NY Times has now printed the entire list of 21 signatories--all Bristish Jewish writers-- to "the Pinter letter" on the online version.

They are:

Gillian Slovo, Harold Pinter, Stephen Fry, Lisa Appignanesi, Ivor Dembina, Morris Farhi, Linda Grant, Michelle Hanson, Eva Hoffman, Ann Jungman, Michael Kustow, Simon Louvish, Sonja Lyndon, Susie Orbach, Jacqueline Rose, Michael Rosen, Leon Rosselson, Donald Sassoon, Alexei Sayle, Lynne Segal, Michelene Wandor.

My guess is they cut it down for space and figured most readers wouldn't recognize these lesser-known playwrights. But perhaps some of you specialists do.

I'll start by saying--they didn't think anyone would know Alexei Sayle? C'mon--"Young Ones,"
anyone? Stubby bald "fat bastard" commie funny guy? Also had a anarchic hilarious show of his own once that was on PBS for about five minutes. Glad he's on board.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not all are playwrights. Jacqueline Rose is an extraordinary critical thinker and essayist, for example.