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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


As of 12:45pm today this site has not been updated and neither has its woefully out of date March 14 statement by Jim Nicola. Even after two new MSM articles, no new clarifications. No new shows, either. (No ticket sales!)

Thanks to all who suggested their own "endgames" in Comments below. Maybe NYTW is thinking them over? Or hoping the current silence means the story's over--while, in fact, it just means everyone's too busy digesting this weekend's Nation expose.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, evening will bring the story back into the news with the sizeable event planned by the Rachels Words people at that temple of lefty protest, Riverside Church on the Upper West side. So far Eve Ensler and Kathleen Chalfant are representing for the theatre community there. Let's see how it's covered.

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Anonymous said...

... or the calm before the storm?