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Thursday, March 02, 2006

You will notice in the comments on this (direct link here) post a very encouraging post from one Christopher Shinn. I assume this is the talented young dramatist himself, who has been associated with both NYTW and London's Royal Court--the two "players" in this censorship drama. (If someone's actually posing as you, Christopher, you're even more famous than I thought, or else you have other more serious problems).

His gist?

By attempting to avoid offending a few people, New York Theatre Workshop has offended everyone. Its decision sends a terrible message to playwrights in America and citizens worldwide. This decision must be denounced as powerfully and vocally as possible.
Bravo to Mr Shinn for coming forth here on Playgoer. Let's hope he and his peers get heard in a wider forum.


Anonymous said...

It's me -- and I check in pretty regularly, so if it ever isn't me, I'll let you know, Playgoer. I've been alarmed at the lack of public response from the theatre community thus far. We have a responsibility to say in public what we feel and talk about in private in a matter like this.

I'm proud to be associated with the Royal Court, proud to be a New York Theatre Workshop Usual Suspect, and proud of my position that this is an unambiguous act of censorship and must be denounced.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see your participation here, Christopher, and like you feel that the principle here is worth the noise. Would that there were more.