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Thursday, March 02, 2006

fair & balanced

Curious who else out there in the 'sphere is writing about Rachel Corrie, I noticed this from "Jewlicious." I recommend it as a sampling of "the other side" and typical of what I imagine is the opposition to the show--i.e. those strongly pro-Israel and who are already familiar with and disapproving of Corrie's story. But even Jewlicious has to admit,

clearly I am not heartbroken by the cancellation. But it was pretty lame of the New York Theatre Workshop to cancel the play. Now that their indefinite postponement has created such a stir, and oh so much publicity, expect to see My Name Is Rachel Corrie at an Off-Broadway theatre near you and playing to sold out houses no doubt.

Ah dream on, Jewlicious. Forget "off-broadway" when even East 4th Street is so "lame."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Huh? "disapproving of Corrie's story?" Dude, we are saddenned by what we called her senseless death. We acknowledged that her motivations were in all likelihood good. We also do not deny that we have strong reservations about the tactics employed by the ISM, especially when said tactics endanger their own lives. Gaza isn't a playground. It's in a constant state of war - in fact while visiting Gaza, Rachel Corrie's parents themselves almost got kidnapped by gunmen.

Look, the play is a Rachel Corrie love-fest. As such it reportedly lacks all nuance. Which is fine if one-sided political agitation and propaganda is what you consider good entertainment. I don't and that's my right. Having said that however, I would never advocate banning the play. What is really lame is that the New York Theatre Workshop gave themselves only 2 months to prepare for the production. They ought to have known that that was not enough time beforehand. Now it looks like they caved to political considerations and consquently we have to suffer through maudlin editorials about how Rachel's voice was "crushed again." Oy. Spare me!