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Monday, April 10, 2006

Bloggers talk!

WBUR, Boston University's NPR station, had the wisdom to interview George (Superfuities) Hunka and yours truly last week for the blogger's perspective on the "Rachel Corrie" controversy. The podcast is now available. (Running time: 22 minutes)

Regular readers here will not learn anything new, but at least you'll hear that George and I are not, as is commonly assumed, cyborgs.

Feel free, of course, to respond to or critique our rare audio punditry in Comments here.

Tech note: Being podcast-illiterate, I apologize if the above link isn't helpful. Looks like you do need I-Tunes or somesuch to access it. If in doubt, goto and click on "Podcasts" to start over.


Mike Mariano said...

The podcast link you have is iTunes friendly, but not iTunes mandatory. The direct link is above.

And add that "L" to "Superfuities."

Kevin Ashworth said...

Just listening now, catching up on all WBUR's podcasts. I'm appreciating hearing your voice -- not that I had any sense of you being a cyborg -- and I hope Bill Marx will invite you back.