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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Columbinus" old news?

An actor formerly associated with "Columbinus" (but not appearing in the NYTW production) has confirmed to me that Jim Nicola had approached the creative team back in late February, "well before the [Corrie] scandal erupted." It seems he has intended this to be the replacement show all along.

Okay, I'm really not trying to start a whole new mess. But isn't this weird?

Wouldn't announcing this show back in March have been an ideal way of "moving on"? If there was just something else holding this up that we're missing, I apologize. It's a simple enough question to ask, and answer, though: why did you wait until after first day of rehearsal (April 11, I understand) to announce a show that was planned at least four to six weeks earlier?

At least it would have changed the subject!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the contextualizing talk-backs where the NRA explains how having armed teachers would have prevented the bloodshed of Columbine by allowing the teachers to shoot Dylan and Eric dead before they could gun down so many students.

Anonymous said...

heheh. was thinking along the same lines.