The Playgoer: "Corrie" and Court close to NYC deal?

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Monday, April 24, 2006

"Corrie" and Court close to NYC deal?

"Subject to finalizing a deal, the Gotham run will commence in mid-October with Megan Dodds repeating her radiant, unsentimental perf as the 23-year-old American idealist who died in a nonviolent protest for peace in Gaza."

-Variety giving the first confirmation that the Royal Court has gotten this far with at least one New York theatre to present "Rachel Corrie" as soon as the fall. Of course, it could be the Court just trying to get buzz going and theatres biting. But we shall see soon enough.

Yes, something about the Variety lingo alongside a description of someone's grusome death is a tad questionable. But that's what makes Variety Variety...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was just in London, met with the Royal Court -- there are indeed a few NY theatres who are/have recently been in London and are meeting with the court about the possibility of bringing over Rachel Corrie -- it's no stunt...