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Sunday, April 02, 2006

NYTW close to announcing?

According to a reader in Comments, this is going to be New York Theatre Workshop's next show.

I don't know what his or her sources are, and have no other corroboration. But given those qualifiers, I'm happy to feed the rumor mill while we await this long delayed announcement.


Anonymous said...

I wish that "Anonymous" had seen fit to say more. I could've left an anonymous comment saying "Apparently NYTW's next production is going to be Julius Caesar," but no one would have much reason to believe me. The suggestion that Columbinus will be next is just as likely to be an April Fool's prank as a genuine tip. (In case anyone's interested, Wikipedia has a survey of some of this year's hoaxes at,_2006.)

And by the way, what's with that title? "Columbinus" looks like an attempt to Romanize the subject, maybe give it some kind of ironic and/or historical resonance, but nothing in the Variety review of the play itself supports that. It looks to be very literal-minded.

Anonymous said...

I've heard this too. Actors I know say it's okay.

It's certainly a play all the feel-good liberals can get behind.

I hope they contextualize it really well. I am looking forward to the community dialogue.

freespeechlover said...

My Name is Rachel Corrie is not going to come to the New York Theater Workshop. I'm now doing research on this entire fiasco for academic publication. I've been reading the Viner, et. al. in the British press, and I don't think there's a chance that they will LET MNIRC go to the NYTW. I think they're afraid the the NYTW will botch it, and I think there's reason for them to think that. It will be at another theater in New York, probably after September.

I could be wrong, but my guess is that the NYTW's next production, whether it's the romanized Columbine stuff or not, will try to appear "risky," to salvage its reputation among the liberal culturati, aided by some New York Times theater writer, and will challenge no one's political sensibilities about the Middle East. In fact, my guess is that the first production that the workshop will do that is remotely connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will either be about Israeli victims of Palestinian suicide bombers OR some really gushy sentimental play about Israeli and Palestinian children who learn to become friends--not that I'm opposed to that, but i can just imagine the sugary nonsense that they could produce as way of making the Wicked Witch of London, Katherine Viner, look like a mean mean woman.