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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Arts & Leisure watch: 6/4

I suppose the Times Arts page merits some kudos for including in their massive spread of Tonys-themed features today (is this what it takes to get that much theatre ink over there?) at least some acknowledgement of the work being done outside of Broadway. But even the title "Shoulda Been Contenders" still validates the Tonys as the ultimate standard. In a section devoted to promoting them, what else can we expect, I guess. So at least Brantley and Isherwood found some way to work in mention of some fine artists, so check it out. (Even if the list does favor the commericially friendly--such as Red Light Winter, Little Dog Laughed, Alan Ayckbourn.)

Also of some interest is Isherwood's tribute to directors who had a good year. (You may want to skip the "primer" part on "what is directing.")

But spare yourself the puff pieces on "star chemistry" and yet another reason for Brantley to genuflect before the Anglo-Irish invasion. (Dig the headline? "The Eleanor Rigby School of Drama"? Gimme a break.)

I will recommend, though, this on what's in a special "regional theatre" Tony anyway? Again, nice to see them at least try to use the excuse of Tony coverage to expand beyond the obvious, and talk about the "real" American theatre.

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Anonymous said...

Every six months or so, Brantley writes a thinly-reasoned puff piece explaining how a few of his favorite Broadway productions all share some elusive but important common denominator.

Is it just boredom? An assignment from his editors?