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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guthrie ribbing

Many thanks to Kevin A. for posting in Comments the link to James Lileks' f-ing hilarious arhctiectural skewering of the new Guthrie. Scott Walters, also in Comments, is right when he asks "Will we never learn?" about theatres "being part of surrounding communities."

My favorite of Lilek's stabs is about the cyborg-like gentleman pictured here:

And then there’s the face. Can’t build a new Euro-style cultural complex without inadvertent anthropomorphizing. Here we have the face of a fellow whose wife dragged him to the Guthrie, and it’s the middle of the third act, and he really, really has to use the bathroom.

There's more, and it gets worse. Read on.


Larissa said...

the new Guthrie is fugly indeed. good for him for pointing out how Americans just love to kowtow to these European architect wierdos....San Francisco is pustulate with such monstrosities

Kevin Ashworth said...

Glad you liked it. Glad it inspired a commenter to use the word "pustulate."