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Friday, June 09, 2006

Live Tony Blogcast- Sunday night

If you're bored out of your mind Sunday night ("or even if you're not" as commercials say) please join me for the 2nd Annual Playgoer Live Tony Blogcast. There seems less of interest than ever to comment upon. But I'm sure we'll find something.

Playgoer doesn't do Tony predictions. But I happily read others' and no one is better sourced on this kind of thing than Michael Riedel, so see him for the most reliable handicapping.

Most distressing of Riedel's scoops:

And the magnificent Frances de la Tour [in History Boys] is going to pull off an upset, snatching the Tony away from Jane Houdyshell ("Well") as Featured Actress in a Play.

Houdyshell was superb, but not enough voters saw "Well" before it closed.

De la Tour is fabulous actress and consummate pro, so there are worse people to lose to. But Houdyshell has been considered a "lock" all along, the one triumph for the ill-fated Well. But yet again we see the misguided debacle of putting Well on Broadway, in order to win prestige and Tonys, when it can't even sustain a long enough run to be seen by Tony voters.

At least the nomination might do the career of this already veteran actress some good.

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