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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Beam Me Up, Duffy

Yes, come 2007 this will be the new TKTS booth in Times Square. (Or Father Duffy Square, to be more precise.)

If you're already thinking "Take me to your leader," get a load of this rendering.

Gothamist has some of the dirt, and a quick architectural reading. More here and here.

I'll try to reserve judgement until we see it "actual size." But am I the only one who gets a "Soylent Green" feeling about this? (Where does that ramp go!!!)


June said...

They forgot to put the bone-headed bouncer who makes you walk through all the musical lines to get to the play line (instead of just letting you walk five steps to that very special window) on the rendering.

Playgoer said...

Another thing left out in the picture...People!

Slow day on Broadway, based on that crowd ain't it? Are they pessimistic about the demand for tickets by 2007? Or are they subliminally telling us their brilliant design will make the endless line more orderly and spacious?

Personally I can just see the tourists continually falling down the ramp!