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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blog-Theatre Nexus

The UK Observer reports no less than three shows at this year's Edinburgh Fringe consist of staging blog entries:

In recent years, news bulletins have been the first stop for dramatists in search of inspiration, with Stephen Lawrence, David Blunkett, David Kelly and Rachel Corrie all becoming subjects of plays. It was only a matter of time before someone turned to blogs as a source of inspiration: three shows at this year's Fringe take their scripts straight from someone's internet diary. Bloggers - Real Internet Diaries, at Smirnoff University, was culled from thousands of UK blogs by creator Oliver Mann. Five actors will play 11 characters in monologues that use only the bloggers' original words and feature intimate confessions from, among others, a sex chat-line operator, a nymphomaniac mum and a bisexual businessman. Girl Blog From Iraq: Baghdad
Burning at Pleasance Courtyard sees an international cast recreating a young girl's journal of the invasion. This journal, by 'Riverbend', has already been published in book form, was long-listed for this year's Samuel Johnson Prize, and is still an active blog. Finally, Janey Godley takes onstage at the Underbelly the world of her hugely popular blog in Janey Godley's Blog: Live!

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