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Friday, July 14, 2006

Conservative Hollywood

"After the New York Theater Workshop had the good taste to back away from staging 'My Name is Rachel Corrie' a few months ago..."

So begins a predictably distorting screed by Republican stand-up Julia Gorin ("among the most recognized names in conservative comedy," according to her bio) on ("on the ramparts of conservative Hollywood"). Aside from referring to Corrie as a " 'human rights' campaigner (i.e. terrorist rights campaigner)," Gorin doesn't see the need for anyone to be concerned for the bulldozing of homes, since even her dog knows how to run away from one.

Hey, but at least she's honest. NYTW should be glad they have a supporter!

And I'm certainly all for "conservative Hollywood" speaking out. Let's have more, so "liberal Hollywood" doesn't have to keep apologizing for their beliefs. Let's give them a good bleeding- heart helping hand out of self-martyrdom and welcome them to the debate.


Anonymous said...

It's very distressing that Gorin, like Coulter, thinks that when they write proposing the bombing of cities in order to advance the killing of Muslims / supression of liberals, that they're being hilarious.

As a Londoner, I take personal offence at Gorin's call to bomb London and kill Londoners. Is this just humour, or semi-serious? Should I report her to Scotland Yard?

Anonymous said...

especially as she wrote this a week after the first anniversary of last year's public transport bombings