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Saturday, July 29, 2006

more Comédie-Française

The (Murdoch-owned) Times of London gives the Bozonnet side of the Comédie-Française story, claiming the Minister of Culture caved to pc pressures and slighted a good man, causing wealthy donors to be concerned and pull funding.

Meanwhile a translation from Paris-based Ben Ellis of a Bozonnet interview where he claims unfair firing. Bozonnet does come off as a complex figure of generally interesting tastes, who just drew a line at Peter Handke's politics. But it's a decision he has rightly had to answer for.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"It's a decision he has rightly had to answer for."

Meaning, you're glad he was fired because, despite a strong track record, he acted once on a deeply held principle with which you happen to disagree?

And this will have a good effect on theaters how, exactly?
You can't really imagine it will embolden any artistic director anywhere to take a chance on controversial material or artists.