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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm (Frequent) Flyin'!

I couldn't muster much comment yesterday on Campbell Robertson's NYT piece yesterday on the first steps toward an already talked-about "frequent-flyer" style discount program on Broadway. This was already floated by the new Prez of the League of American Theaters & Producers, a former hotel chain mogul. Now the Nederlander Organization (owner of roughly a third of B'way houses) is trying to be first.

We'll see what happens. (So far, there's really no plan. This is just about testing response, I'm sure.) But I suspect it will be useless since in order to see one interesting show on Broadway you'll probably have to endure countless "Tarzans" and "All Shook Ups" to accumulate your chits.

Thanks to reader June for pointing me toward the always entertaining message board at All That Chat, for the voice of the people on this.

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