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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Cocktail Dramaturg"

Talk about "culinary theatre"...

Inspired in equal parts by what's in the script and what's hot in the bars, the drinks are devised by Brett Stasiewicz, actor and creative coordinator of Sweet Concessions.

Or, as he jokingly calls himself, "cocktail dramaturg." He started around six years ago: The Cosmopolitan was king back then, and so, for the show "Contact," he fashioned a Cosmo-like drink for The Girl in the Yellow Dress: gin and apricot brandy, orange and lemon juice.

He's since gone on to make drinks for "The Threepenny Opera" (the Pirate Jenny: coconut rum, fruit); "Pajama Game" (Sssteam Heat: brandy and sparkling wine) and, for "Twelve Angry Men," 12 Angry Cocktails (one for each juror).

More details--and recipes--in the Post.

Will these $10 drinks raise rake in enough dough to keep shows running? Maybe if playwrights are allowed to write plays longer than 90 minutes again, with intermissions! Arguably, it was bar business from the old two-intermission three-act plays that kept Broadway alive in its "Golden Years."

By the way, what does it say that even in this little joke piece the NY Post can use the word "dramaturg" more wittily, accurately, and more correctly spelled(!) than I've ever seen in the Times!

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