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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Soho Rep

The Voice introduces us to the new, 28-year-old AD of Soho Rep, Sarah Benson. Benson has already co-run the fine Prelude festival at CUNY (with the indominable Frank Hentschker), which of course included our bloggers panel last weekend. So I wish her well, and have high hopes. Since I went to college with departing AD Daniel Aukin and still almost never went, it's about time I did now!

True, as the article points out, she is the third Brit in a row to helm the company. Curious. But she seems pretty hip to the scene, so far. And Aukin was pretty thoroughly "assimilated" himself. Interesting reading his comments in the article about what he tried to do, especially relating to design. Is it possible his insistence on transcending the low-rent aesthetic reflects a more Euro sensibility?

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