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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Voice "Corrie" Review

Another early review, from Alexis Soloski in the Village Voice.

In a nutshell:

Nicola ought to have trusted his audience more. Corrie certainly fails to provide a balanced view of the conflict--in her rubric, Israelis are antagonistic, Palestinians cuddly--but it is very much one woman's view of the situation. This woman, however bright and articulate, is not the most dependable narrator. Self-described as "scattered and deviant and too loud," she's the sort of Pacific Northwest creature who can say with perfect conviction, "The salmon talked me in to a lifestyle change." Killed at 23, she was still only a budding writer and thinker; her emails from the Middle East vacillate, winningly and irritatingly, between the naive and the astute. So, consequently, does the play, resulting in a slight, though moving theatrical work. However poignant and precocious her juvenilia, it doesn't substitute for the dramatic arc of a full life.

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Anonymous said...

What's with the early reviews? Do critics not respect the announced openings any more? Should they?