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Saturday, November 11, 2006


You may have noticed to the right some new advertising blocks. They are "Blogads" ads. My hope is they can generate some small income for the site. As in--Playgoer needs a new pair of theatre tickets!

So if you have any wares to peddle, especially if they are theatrical in nature, please click on the "Advertise Here" line in any of these boxes and check out the reasonable rates. Short term or long term, big or small, text or fancy graphics, there are lots of options.

I get final approval of all ads, but so far I've only vetoed some odd baldness cure. But, hey, happy to send that one on to anyone who's game.

PS. If you want to know more about Playgoer's readers and general site activity, check out the Stats link anytime in the righthand margin. (Statcounter rules! And it's free.)

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