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Friday, November 10, 2006

Playgoer on the Road

In my non-blogging time, I've carved out a little niche lately as a Clifford Odets expert, just in time for his centenary.

This has gotten me an invite on a post-show panel Sunday at New Haven's Long Wharf Theatre for their production of Odets' Rocket to the Moon, a beautiful 1938 drama of loneliness and empty love in the Depression. It's actually a remount by director Daniel Fish of his much acclaimed staging for the Bard summer festival last year, which I missed.

Obviously I won't review the show, but perhaps I'll write up some observations on it and Odets in general, if any strike me.

Meanwhile, if you're a Yalie or just in that part of Connecticut, come on by! It'll be me and Ellen Adler (daughter of Stella) after the 2pm matinee. Obviously you'll have to buy a ticket to stay for the talk.

UPDATE (11/11): Check out Charles Isherwood's mostly thumbs-up review of the production today. The Times has really been sending him around these days. Nice to see more regional coverage.

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