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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Alex Beam of the Boston Globe tips us off to a site called Guidestar which does something very naughty.

It provides data from the IRS filings of all your favorite nonprofits.



Trey Graham said...

Oh, we love Guidestar. I used it a year or so ago to discover that a certain financially troubled DC theater still owed its long-departed founder several thousand dollars -- and that it hadn't filed its Form 990 in several years. (They've since fixed that, up to 2005 at least -- part of the process of liquidating, I expect)

PeonInChief said...

If you want the Form 990 of a particular non-profit, you can also write to the organization and ask for a copy. It's a matter of public record and the non-profit is required to send it to you. Some organizations charge a fee for the copying, but most will just mail it to you.