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Saturday, January 20, 2007

"I'd Rather Be Right"

If you're up for something more academic from me this weekend, check out my latest published article in the brand new Studies in Musical Theatre journal, from Intellect Books in the UK.

(Free registration required to read the site's contents.)

It's an analysis of the politics of that mostly forgotten 1937 Rodgers & Hart/ Kaufman & Hart musical "I'd Rather Be Right," with George M. Cohan as FDR. Yes, a Broadway musical lampooning a sitting president.

(I guess we now have plenty of the "Bush is Bad" sort, but all comfortably tucked away in small theatres.)

My argument: the lampooning of the New Deal is far from loving. Welcome to the first--and only--songfest for supply-siders.

Check out the issue's full table of contents, too. Among others, an interesting looking article on the whole issue of David Leveaux's alleged de-jewing of "Fiddler".

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