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Friday, March 23, 2007

Plays & Playwrights 2007's Martin Denton (who's recently restarted his private blog here) provides a great service by publishing some of the more notable new plays that you're not hearing about in the Times or from the Pulitzer peeps. His latest edition, Plays & Playwrights 2007 is now out, and here is his TOC, featuring 11(!) new works:

LENZ by bluemouth, inc.
Office Sonata by Andy Chmelko
Kiss and Cry by Tom Rowan
They're Just Like Us by Boo Killebrew
Convergence by Bryn Manion
Red Tide Blooming by Taylor Mac
The Adventures of Nervous-Boy by James Comtois [yes, a blogger]
Another Brief Encounter by Stan Richardson
Corps Values by Brendon Bates
Diving Normal by Ashlin Halfnight
'nami by Chad Beckim

The volume also boasts a foreword by John Clancy and an "annotated Appendix of new American Plays produced in New York City during the 2005-06 season."

Publication, of course, really, really helps in giving plays a second life and, thus, reminding the public at large that there are still living and breathing playwrights at work.

You can buy it via the Amazon link down-right. From there you can also check out the companion volume Playing With Canons--featuring some of the more adventurous adaptations of classics seen on our local downtown stages over the last few years.

Denton publishes these books through the nonprofit arm of his enterprise devoted to promoting "indie" theatre, The New York Theatre Experience.

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