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Thursday, March 08, 2007

PR (/) Offensive

From Crain's NY Business (firewalled) reports that those folks at the League of American Theatres and Producers are kicking the marketing up a notch. Going not only more corporate but more Hollywood, with this pr "dream team":

Manhattan-based marketing agency LaPlaca Cohen will manage strategy and media, while two California agencies will handle interactive marketing: Trailer Park, based in Hollywood and The Buddy Group, based in Lake Forest.

[I assume that's Trailer as in movie trailers? As in previews???--ed.]

The League is banking on the so-called "dream team" to help it develop new audiences for the future and to keep the current Broadway patron on board. "We already think that Broadway is a highly recognizable brand with great equity," said League spokesman Alan Cohen. "We're looking to expand our core audience and to increase the frequency of Broadway theatergoing."

I suppose that's "on board" as opposed to...jump ship? Sink with the Titanic?

Or "on board" as opposed to...dissent! And demand something different?

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the latest stats:
Broadway plays a critical role in New York City's economy, generating more than $4.8 billion a year for the city, according to the League. Almost 12 million people attended Broadway shows in 2006, generating $906 million in box office receipts. About 11% of Broadway's audience comes from overseas, Mr. Cohen said, with visitors from England, Japan and Central Europe among the leading markets.

Interesting fact: if you divide 906,000,000 dollars by 12,000,000 people you average ticket price of $75.50. Damn, these folks are rich!

Good luck with "expanding" that "core audience."

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