The Playgoer: Seattle Rep "Corrie" a hit?

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Seattle Rep "Corrie" a hit?

Critically, at least. For a round-up, check out here, here, and here.

Interesting reactions, especially for the references to what remains of the controversy. But definitely a more hospitable response out west. Seattle is a serious theatre city. But, no doubt, without as vocal a Jewish presence (or as large a population) as New York. Still, the protests clearly got voiced, it seems.

Most notable might be Rep AD David Esbjornson's special program note, cited more than once, referencing the ad space they sold to anti-Corrie groups.

"[B]uying ads in our theatre publication to denounce the work on our stage is unprecedented. ... I acknowledge the right of these groups to their free expression. Similarly, presenting 'My Name Is Rachel Corrie' is a form of free expression that we should embrace and protect."

PS. Thanks to Joanna of Seattle Rep for leaving a comment, and I wholeheartedly recommend the Seattle Rep blog she points us to, featuring her own thoughts as well as "Corrie" actress Marya Sea Kaminski's own e-journal of her experiences rehearsing & performing the play.


Seattle Repertory Theatre said...

Marya Sea Kaminski, who is playing Rachel in the production, has been very eloquently and insightfully blogging about her experience in the play on Seattle Rep’s blog. She offers a unique look at the show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joanna. That's a fascinating blog.
Anyone catch the NPR story this morning? Pretty lengthy, but really rather shallow. You'd think after all this time they might be able to off (sorry, here comes that word again) some context in the reporting -- not just do the standard he-said/he-said, which is pretty much what they did. (I mean, to do a piece about the controversy of this play without talking about the flap over the Carter book, etc., etc., is either irresponsible or consciously tip-toeing.)