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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

REVIEW: "Realism" (Village Voice)

A while ago I linked to a provocative little op-ed in the Guardian by Scottish playwright Anthony Neilson railing against how "boring" (i.e. elitist) theatre has become, and that's why it's losing out in the culture to such entertainment alternatives as Grand Theft Auto.

Now you can see for yourself if he practices what he preaches in the New York premiere of his comedy "Realism," courtesy of the Exchange Company--the new incarnation of the now-homeless Cocteau Rep. (Under new management, apparently they're junking classics in favor of new plays and younger audiences.)

Well what can I say. I was bored. Read why in my Voice review.

As Neilson says in his editorial, he has been credited with starting a movement of "in yer face" theatre in the UK. In response to which I can only quote one of my favorite Simpsons lines: I don't know whose face he's in, but it's not mine.

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