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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tonys, Tarzan, and Tony

Some fun reporting from Riedel on the reeling "pinkies" at Legally Blonde. Also the politics of Disney in the nomination process.

the nominators did not want to slap (for the second time) Tom Schumacher, the Disney executive in charge of the company's Broadway shows.

A popular figure in the small and insular theater world, Schumacher was embarrassed last year when "Tarzan," a $15 million show he practically created, failed to pick up a single Tony nomination.

"I don't think anybody wanted to diss Tom again," one nominator said yesterday. "And 'Mary Poppins' is a lot better than 'Tarzan.'"

Yes, "better than Tarzan." That would look good on the "Poppins" marquee, wouldn't it?

Also in the Post: the Tony broadcast--famous for its anemic ratings--is in more trouble than ever. Sunday June 10 happens also to be the finale of The Sopranos. Good timing guys!...Ok, to be fair, Sopranos had originally been scheduled to wrap up in May. Still, I sure hope new League prez Charlotte St Martin gave some kind of "just kidding" signal when she told the Post, "I think the Tony family can take the Tony Soprano family any day."


Anonymous said...

Tarzan got a lighting nomination.

Anonymous said...

and it's a Disney co-production with Cameron Mackintosh, the 800 pound gorilla of the commercial theatre - he's the one to fear