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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ageism at NY Mag?

Well, Mr. Hytner, don't accuse New York Magazine of propping up the "dead white males" anymore. Renowned classical music critic Peter G. Davis--their "longhair" man for 26 years--has just been axed, making for a hat-trick of codger-sacking at that magazine's arts dept.

It also marks the third time New York has fired a longtime, senior critic, raising the question of serious age discrimination. Dance critic Tobi Tobias was axed four years ago, after 22 years at the magazine, theater critic John Simon was let go on the eve of his 80th birthday two years ago, after 37 years. He was replaced by a 28-year-old theater critic.

Yes, there is a dark side to "out with the old." Too bad a paper can't just put them side by side--as Hytner finally suggests in his latest statement.

Oh wait, I guess side by side would mean more coverage. Never mind.

No offense to Jeremy McCarter! Who I believe is now a mature 30-something. Maybe it's time to replace him with a tween.

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