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Friday, June 08, 2007

Did we mention the Tonys are silly?

"Quite a few of the 740 Tony voters don't bother to see all the nominated productions yet still vote in all the categories. It's a big no-no, but pretty much everybody does it."

So says tattle-tale Michael Riedel today. While it should come as no surprise note how this can really impact a particular show's fortune:
This season, fewer than 500 voters have caught August Wilson's "Radio Golf" and "110 in the Shade," which won't stop them from voting for Best Play or Best Revival of a Musical.
I mean, if someone is not at least curious enough to see a new August Wilson play---for free!--are they even qualified to sit in judgment over the top American theatre award? I guess they figure, why bother. I did my time at Coast of Utopia and I know I'm voting for that. Of course that's the charitable explanation in this case...

As longtime readers here know, Playgoer doesn't do "predictions." But is happy to indulge in the guilty pleasures with a LIVE TONY BLOGCAST! So, the tradition continues this Sunday night. For the nostalgic among you, you can live through again those memories of Tonys '05 and '06.

For predictions I refer you to only the best-sourced--the Riedelmeister and Campbell "Soup Man" Robertson.

Wow, both pick Julie White over Eve Best! Maybe some justice in this world, after all.

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