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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Carpet Confessions

No, not a latenite Cinemax skinflick. Just our man at Time Out, David Cote, reporting on what it's like to man the microphone at the poor man's (i.e. theatre man's) Oscars:

I found myself wedged between a reporter from Clear Channel and none other than Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, on assignment for Conan O’Brien to mock and jeer at the Tony Awards. Yes, it was going to be that sort of night.

Never having worked a red carpet, I had some foolish notion that it proceeds in an orderly and relaxed fashion. It turns out to be a hellish cross between senior prom, school newspaper and a Soviet-era line for moldy bread.

Read his full journal of war stories here.


Ben Kessler said...

I was put off by Cote's recent comments on religion, but my heart went out to him when he described being mocked by Conan's doggie hand puppet as he was attempting to do his job. Someone should do an essay on how Smigel's Triumph character actually has roots in the theater, specifically ethnic vaudeville, but Smigel distracts from this by offensively associating ethnicity with animality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You gotta love Triumph. This was absolutely hilarious! A much needed kick to a usually boring awards ceremony.