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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

" 'Corrie' Fears Unrealized"

Interesting headline, that, from the Washington Post, reporting on the fallout or lack thereof from the staging of "Rachel Corrie" at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Says it all.

Catch this:

[E]arly this year [AD Ed Herendeen] estimated that in a worst-case scenario the festival might lose as much as $50,000 by doing the provocative play. However, ticket sales for the July 6-8 opening weekend were up 3 percent over last summer's opening, Herendeen said, and donations so far are up $21,000 over 2006.
The sky is not falling.

Remember, too, that CATF is also playing blogger Jason Grote's mideast themed 1001, to some acclaim.

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