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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Director Breaks Leg For a Change

Or a rib or two, at least.

Helmer Daniel Sullivan suffered four fractured ribs and a collapsed lung Tuesday after falling through the trap door on the stage of the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, where he is directing the Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Fest production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
Wish him well.

Man, directing at the Delacorte has always been considered a risk, but this...

UPDATE: Public has now canceled next week's first preview (August 7).


Anonymous said...

Wishes go out to him, indeed. I'm told it could have been more serious if not for some quick-thinking actors, however Sullivan is still in the hospital and hopefully will be released to home rest by the end of this week- he's running a very high fever at the moment. He's not expected back to the production - I wonder if this will alter the way people approach and view this production...

Playgoer said...

Thank you for that, anon. Sounds more serious, actually, than the official release to Variety reported. (And if I'd known I might have picked a less flippant headline.)

Two things to keep in mind:
- Sullivan is not a young, nor even from what I know of him an especially fit man, perhaps exacerbating any injury.
- This is the season Sullivan is taking over the reins of MTC, remember, for the "on leave" Lynn Meadows. They must be taking special interest as well.

Anonymous said...

I wish him well, but what was he doing on the stage?!

Please tell me he's not one of those directors who insist on treading up there to give notes.

That's where the actors belong!

Anonymous said...

Dan Sullivan is one of the most respected American directors currently working. If he needs to go on stage to demonstrate something, I think he might have a little bit more authority to do so than you're willing to grant.

For the record it was their first day on stage and they were having their tour.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and just look where that respect and authority got him: some broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Not only that, but now we all know that Midsummer has a trap door effect! Way to spoil the surprise that might have been.

Not to be flippant, I really do wish him a speedy recovery. But not because of his stature. Just like Corzine should've worn a seatbelt, Sullivan should have left any technical glitches to the trained experts.