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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Faint Praise Indeed

...but in this case I fear Time's theatre "critic" Richard Zoglin (who knew they still had one) may be in earnest. He liked Grease!

Of the two young stars drawn by lot:

they perform all the dance moves required, don't have any trouble with the lines, and (unlike some others in the cast) actually are convincing as high school students. You could do a lot worse.

How much you wanna bet they put that on the marquee?

(By the way, I personally would never start a paragraph in a review with the sentence: "Well, a couple of days after seeing Grease, I happened to be sitting around a breakfast-room table with a half-dozen 13-year-old girls." Then again, I'm childless. And not 100 years old, as apparently Zoglin is.)

Hat tip, Jason--who's been sending this 'round the 'sphere after he mysteriously found the review in his inbox!

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