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Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Access Roundabout"

One of the beneficial repercussions of the Signature's successful cheap ticketing via subsidy innovation is other theatre companies see both the need for investment in future audiences and the pr value.

So now even the behemoth Roundabout is getting in on the act. Albeit on a very, very limited scale. Hiptix (for ages 35 and under) prices have been lowered to $20 from $35. And for each 1st preview at the Broadway venues (American Airlines & Studio 54) 100 balcony seats will go for $10. But only at that first preview. (And not day of, so they're already sold out for Pygmalian & the Ritz.)

Perhaps more promising there, though, is a new play series in a new blackbox space in the 46th St Laura Pels theatre. "Roundabout Underground" (get it? they're below street level) will feature new plays in surprisingly long runs, and all tickets $20 all the time.

A good step. I hope the plays are worth it.

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