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Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Business Model for Political Theatre?

"Generally, by the time somebody buys a ticket nowadays to a political piece, they're the wrong audience....They haven't been there to be challenged or to be converted. They're already immersed in the issue."

-Brian Freeland, co-director of a new political theatre company in Denver, Countdown to Zero.

The name isn't prophetic, by the way. It's just their mission to produce ten plays (counting down from #10) and then fold.

Also, it's running as a commercial enterprise. Why?

"I'm trying to avoid having to immerse in the nonprofit or the board or this long-term organizational structure."
Their opening play is My Name is Rachel Corrie.

Rocky Mountain News' Lisa Bornstein has the story.

1 comment:

DL said...

Brian is a wonderful guy. I met him at the TCG conference when it took place in Seattle. I loved meeting him and talking with him. Definitely thinking outside the box.