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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

REVIEW: "Boxcar" (Village Voice)

My review of a new play at Repertorio Español, Boxcar, in today's Voice.

While I had mixed feelings about this particular play (about illegal immigration, by the way) I am always glad to pay a visit to Repertorio, one NY's most prominent and lasting Spanish-language theatres. In a city that once accommodated theatres in Yiddish, Italian, German, and many other tongues, it's nice that some of this polyglot spirit survives.

Moreover, Repertorio can do some nice work. Rene Buch--the AD, who came from Cuba to study at Yale Drama in the 50s and founded the company in 1968-- brings some classical flair to that tiny little space on East 27th. (The historic Grammercy Arts theatre.) I still remember fondly his "Life is a Dream" which is probably still in the rep there. (Yes, it's a one of the last real "rep" companies in that way.) It's a pocket-stage with limited production values, but to hear Calderon in his own language (headsets provided, if necessary) is worth it at their cheap prices. They do lots of Lorca, too.

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